Benefits of SIEM

How SIEM can help

SIEM (Security Information Event Management) allows your organization to take data from all different type of sources and centralize them. Allowing for advanced correlation not possible across multiple data sets.

  • Centralized Logging and Event Management
  • Greater Correlation capabilities
  • Advanced searching, alerting and reporting

Why Splunk?

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Splunk, the industry leader in SIEM technology, is a great way to start or expand your information security team's capabilities. Between its powerful search language, advanced customization and ever-expanding application directory, there are endless use cases.

  • Industry Leader
  • Powerful search language (SPL)
  • Extremely customizable

Improving Enterprise Security

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By collecting events from a number of different sources such as: endpoints, firewalls, identity & access management you can perform powerful cross-reference searches to find malicious activity. From a single pane of glass you can gain valuable insight into malicious behaviors and stop them in their tracks.

  • Single pane of glass
  • Insights across all technology
  • Automate alerts, reporting and build advanced dashboards


Index Equals can help

With so many deployment options it can be intimidating to tackle deploying Splunk effectively. Index Equals can help your organization navigate and stand up the best possible implementation to suit your needs.

  • Create architecture to fit your business needs
  • Help to train end-users to use Splunk effectively
  • Create custom content to help you build out security operations
Index Equals helped elevate our small security team to the next level! With their guidance, we were able to deploy Splunk and create a new level of transparency in the network. We now vision into all endpoints for compliance, alerting and incident response!
Shawn Bristow

Bob Sacamano Small Networks

We were having a lot of trouble with our Splunk implementation. Lots of false positive alerts and not-so-helpful dashboards. Index Equals came in and helped bring us to the next level!
Shawn Bristow

Joe Schmo Lamps R Us

Let Us Help

Index Equals can help you! From standing up SIEM implementations from scratch or helping with existing ones, we can bring your information security organization to the next level. Fill out the form to the right to get in contact with us.